Little is Much When God is in it.

There is a nice hymn written by William Gaither called:  “Little is much when God is in it”.
The lyrics go like this: 
In the harvest field now ripened.. There's a work for all to do
Hark! the Master's voice is calling.. To the harvest calling you
Does the place you're called to labor
Seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it.. For He'll not forsake His own.
Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or fame
There's a crown, and you can win it
If you go in Jesus' name
And when the conflict has ended
And our race on earth is run
He will say, if you've been faithful
"Welcome home, My child—well done!"
Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or fame
There's a crown, and you can win it
If you go... If you go... If you go in Jesus' name

            My friends, our church is going through a time of pruning before we will grow. The pandemic is only part of the story of why we are a few gathered when we worship.  We can’t make excuses for how “the world has changed, and people are just not interested anymore”.  In fact, there are churches that are reaching out effectively and faithfully with God’s word and are growing disciples. The growth of large “mega” churches was a phenomenon of the past several decades, but the church growth experts at Fuller Seminary are noticing the new paradigm for church growth is not toward large “event” centered approaches, but instead smaller intimate community-based churches with a diversity of age and ethnicity.  This is one of the rationales for why we began the “Fellowship Circles” after our worship time, for an opportunity to nurture discipleship, sharing, learning and community.
             The temptation for many Christians is to simply try to repeat the glory days of the past, a time when the culture gave space for church life, supported church affiliation, and people could engage in civil discourse in religion.  I too recall in my growing up years how the church was vibrant in the large Presbyterian Church in Michigan my family was active in. This kind of nostalgic tendency, however, can become a kind of escapism, and a denial of our current contemporary culture that is different.  What will it take for us be real and relevant to our times, to people who need Jesus revealed in a way they can believe and become disciples? 
              The hymn “Little is much…” reminds us that we have work to do in the harvest fields. Jesus is calling us to serve together.  The problem is often that not enough people step forward to join the work. My friends, we may be small, but if we all do our part, we can grow as a church, reach people in our community, and welcome and disciple those who come to our fellowship.
      Jesus fed a multitude of thousands with a few fish and loaves.  David brought down Goliath with a few small stones.  Moses brought Egypt down with one staff held up in prayer.  Jesus brought the world to God’s throne of grace through calling 12 ordinary disciples.  A widow gave her offering of a few mites at the temple, and God blessed it more than the fanfare offering of the boastful rich. 
Luke 16:10 – “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.”  
Jesus calls for us to be faithful in the days we are given.  Looking back is no way to plow forward and plant seeds for the future.  Let’s be faithful with whatever God has given us, even in what are “lean times”.   LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN GOD IS IN IT.
  • Pastor Scott T. Arnold

1: People to welcome people and make guests feel at home.
2. People to help with children’s ministries in a rotation of teaching / assisting.
3. People to help usher in worship.
4. People to serve God in music ministry on the praise team
5. People to help with the finances of the church.
6. People to help serve on the church council.
7. People to help disciple and mentor new Christians and members.
8. People to help pray for others and provide intercession.
9. People to help prepare and serve food in hospitality.
10. People to read scripture and say prayers in worship.
11. People who will participate, lead, and support Bible Studies/Fellowship Circles.
12. People who will prepare communion, make phone call visits, and follow up (Deacons).

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