Revelation 13:1-10. The Beast from the Sea & the Saint's endurance.

Feb 14, 2021    Rev. Dr. Scott T. Arnold
Revelation 13:1-10 shows how Satan (the Dragon) brings about beastly rulers and temporal kingdoms that vie for people's affection and worship. The lies, blasphemies and deceit of the "beast" divert people's attention away from worshipping and serving the Creator/Redeemer God and His Son Jesus the Christ. When this beast takes possession of earthly authority for a time, it will involve unavoidable persecution for believers, and the advice of the Revelation teaching here is firm faith that is non-violent. God is ultimately Sovereign and will deliver those written in the Book of Life, whose sins are covered by the sacrificial blood of Jesus by grace. This section is a warning and a wake up. 2-14-2021