#5 Wrestling with God. Jacob

Aug 30, 2020    Rev. Dr. Scott T. Arnold    Hebrews 11:20-21. Genesis 32:24-31. First Baptist Church of Los Angeles

Pre-recorded sermon. Pastor Scott Arnold. How do we learn in life without engagement? What happens when we notice that God is engaging us? Do we return God's engagement with our own wrestling, questions, seeking or service? The question is not a matter of if God will wrestle with us, but will we realize that God is wrestling us to coach, teach and train.
Jacob needed to be trained, coached, in order to leave his old ways of trickery in order to be restored to a positive relationship with his brother Esau, and in order to be the father of 12 sons who would form the 12 tribes of Israel. The blessing that Jacob receives is a new name "Israel" and a deep faith that carries him through the challenges that would lie ahead.