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~ August 2020 ~

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In August we have begun a new series, “Xtreme Faith”, looking at Biblical examples of faith from Hebrews 11-12. (This series will take us into October). What can we learn from the “Ancients”? What does Paul teach us about having a faith that grows in the journey and marathon of life? How can we develop an extreme faith for the extreme times we are living in? Singer/songwriter Toby Mac wrote a song “Extreme Days” to illustrate that Christians must have an extreme faith to hand the extremes of our times. There are extreme pressures, extreme concerns, extremes in politics, extremes in disparity of economic realities, extremes of  experiences between people, extremes in reactions of concern, extremes in weather and climate, extremes in religious perspectives, extremes in educational disparities, extremes in beliefs about the Bible, extremes in views toward the value of people, race, and diversity. What we need is a faith that is not simply reactive, extreme in a negative sense, but a faith that is a response as a positive witness that is extremely loving, faithful, caring, compassionate, discerning, and transformative . . .  READ MORE on my device or PRINT A COPY of the newsletter.


After much prayerful deliberations, the FBCLA Church Council has authorized installation of a decorative perimeter fence surrounding the church building plaza at Westmoreland Avenue and Leeward Avenue.  Also, New Worship Format and Time: Starting August 23, at 9:00am.  The church is planning to resume in- person worship outdoors in the church parking lot (or plaza when the fence is eventually built). Continuation of registration, mask-wearing, sanitization, and social distancing will still be required; however, we believe it is important to take careful and responsible steps forward as a faith community. We encourage you to bring your own lawn chairs if you can, and we will also provide chairs as needed. Canopies will be set up to help provide some shade. We will need volunteers to help set up and take down, register people, take temperatures, provide sanitization, pass out one-time use song sheets/ bulletins and hand out guest cards/ information . . .  READ MORE on my device or PRINT A COPY of the newsletter.

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