“Love each other as brothers and sisters and honor others more than you do yourself.” – Romans 12:10

Sisters of Faith

About the Women’s Ministry:  It has been said that our life is a reflection of our attitudes and therefore having a new attitude will invariably create new results. And thanks be to God it can be rekindled through an encounter with another human being because, at some point in life, everyone experiences a time or season when their inner fire goes out. Our mission in the Women’s Ministry is to ~ View Our Mission

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Men’s Fellowship

About the Men’s Ministry:  The Men’s fellowship at First Baptist is designed to bring men together to talk about the issues that affect the church, society, politics, the nation and topics that affect men’s health. In our dialogues, we seek to find understanding in a world that can be . . . . ~ Read More

(Robbins Dining Hall)

Korean Fellowship

Our Korean Fellowship is one of several fellowships in First Baptist Church of Los Angeles that is organized with various races and located in Korea Town. Our Fellowship prepares Scripture lessons and sermon notes that we’ll see in English worship. And our members have a fellowship time while we stay before and after worship.  ~ Learn the three purposes of our Korean Fellowship.

Additional Fellowships

  • Ebenezer Fellowship (for our Spanish speaking members)
  • Filipino Fellowship (for our Filipino American members)

For more details, please contact our church office at (213) 384-2151.

Birth Month Connection Group

The mission of the Birth Month Small Group Ministry is to encourage and enhance fellowship among our members and engagement of new members. As members join the church they become members of their birth month connection group to build and development relationships with one another within the body of Christ.  Initially, we have  developed the birth month small group in tandem as follows: ~ Get Details

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