Pure Discipleship

A Change of Plans – In-Person Worship To-Be-Announced


Previous plans to begin worship on a small scale in July are now modified; Start date to be announced for service at 10:00 a.m. The policy of the city/county/state for worshipping communities allows the church to open sooner. We are given a “Yellow light”, not a “green light”. Our way forward will not be rushed, healthy caution requires that we be organized and responsible to follow health standards and newly adopted church procedures to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus. Our focus will be on worship, in person Sunday school classes will not resume until the Fall. Worship will take place 30 minutes earlier to give time for exiting and cleaning prior to the arrival and worship of Koinonia church.

What must we do to resume our worship times safely:

  1. Registration for coming to worship is done in advance (this will speed the time of our check in at the parking lot entrance). You may email or call the church office and leave your message. (INFO HERE) Visitors and church members alike will register their names and contact information, this helps us to trace and follow up if necessary.
  1. Screening: At the parking lot you will need to wear a mask before we take your temperature, have you answer a few health questions, and then we will place a checkmark on your name as an attendant. (NOTE: we will need volunteers to help with this and other ushering duties, so please contact Wendy Morales, Lisa Thomas, James Johnson, or Pastor Scott Arnold).
  1. Protective Practices: Wear a mask, sanitize, and practice social distancing (6 feet) while you are in the parking lot and in the building. Please sanitize your hands regularly and often. Sanitizing stations and volunteers to assist will be at the entrance of the parking lot as well as at the rear of the sanctuary. Restroom use will be limited to one person in small restrooms, and 2 in larger restrooms. Masks and washing are essential. Elevator use is one at a time, or one couple at a time.
  1. Pathways and procedures: Follow the signs and pathway for entrance and exit into the building, into the sanctuary and follow the space set forth within the sanctuary that is marked clearly for proper distancing in seats that allow for distance between individuals and family/couple units. We will be seated with every other row being used and space between persons. Unless persons have special needs, people are to enter at the rear of the sanctuary and seating will be ushered from the center aisle from front to back as people arrive.  Exiting will take place to the sides and not the center aisle. The limit for each service will be 100 persons, and if we find that we need to add a service in the future, we welcome such an adjustment.
  1. Refrain from physical greetings (handshakes or hugs, passing of the peace).
  1. Minimize contact of commonly used objects. Hymnals will be set aside; bulletins will be placed on the seats where people will be sitting. Individual communion kits will be distributed carefully by being dropped into open hands by the ushers.

The Spirit and Substance of this Season of Worship

  1. Approach: May we approach worship much as the early church did as they prayed in wait for the infilling of the Holy Spirit through much prayer and scripture reading. We can enter worship with meditation and music, instrumentally, and vocally led in a way that encourages people to sing “in the spirit” with the words spoken, whispered, and sung softly. This allows for a level of engagement without the high use of the kind of breathing that can spread the virus.

The time of worship will be 10:00am. Worship will be less than one hour to conclude by 11:00 am. Even so, we will have pre-worship preparations through music and prayer that will begin by 10:15 am, this will allow for people to begin prayerful worship as soon as they enter.

  1. Biblical Focus: May we envision a high use of scripture in preaching, prayer, readings, reflection, and music. During this time, we will keep worship simple and rooted in God’s Word, involvement of people participating will be encouraged, but not involving as many elements of worship as we have had in the past.
  1. Contemplation/Commitment: May we give space for God’s Spirit in this time of humility for us to “Be Still” and “Know”. This new season of worship calls for focus upon Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Spirit. Contemplation has been at the heart of many Holy Spirit renewal movements. This is a season to develop a renewed and fresh commitment to God. What we are given is a “reset” and a time to renew our worship of God in Spirit and in truth.

Worship and Sermon Series: 
“What Did Jesus Know? End Times and Judgment”

I look forward to preaching the new series “What Did Jesus Know? End Times and Judgment” from the book that I wrote a few years ago on Matthew 24 & 25, beginning May 31st, and this sermon series will continue until the end of July.

This is a season of true seriousness, a time of honest confession and contrition. While celebration is where we are headed, we are not at that time of great rejoicing yet. Let us not over-anticipate when we are enduring big challenges and faithful perseverance is required.

This series of sermons comes from Jesus teaching us to be steadfast to overcome deceptions, diversions, and discouragement. The Kingdom of God is coming, the Lord Jesus will return, we must keep our hope and focus on being His disciples by holding the course and serving others as He has called us to.

ZOOM Meetings: 

Zoom meetings to allow people to discuss the Scripture Passages with the new series on Matthew 24 and 25 will be offered on Tuesday evenings at 7pm (30-45 minutes), and Wednesdays at 2pm (30-45 minutes). Contact Pastor Scott or Wendy M. to participate.

Peace in Christ, Pastor Scott T. Arnold

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