Summer is Here

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Dear Church Family and Friends,

Summer is truly here.  With the arrival of summer, many thoughts turn to vacations.  Summer is a time to delight in the wonders of God’s Creation. We can hardly wait for the warm summer days to spend time at parks, beaches, and any place that takes us into the beauty and wonder that is a Southern California summer. Summer will also be a time of connecting and fellowship as we continue to pray, plan and prepare for the transformation that is already at work at First Baptist.  With events like Vacation Bible School, Community Block Club, Play More Summer Activities, Spiritual Gift Small Groups happening in July and the church picnic happening in August, there will be a busy summer at First Baptist.  The tendency is for some members to take a “stay-cation” from church during the summer months.  I encourage you to prove them wrong and join your First Baptist Family in prayer, praise, worship, study and fellowship.

A wonderful day of worship, fellowship and recognition was had during Christian Education Sunday recently.  It was a day to celebrate the Sunday School, our Youth Small Groups and other Christian Education focused ministries within the church; recognize teachers, leaders, volunteers and lift up the importance of Christian Education.  Our Children and Youth led us in worship.  We recognized all graduates (kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and college) at a reception following the morning worship service in Robbins Hall.

Also, as we continue to pray and prepare as the pastoral search committee continues its work, our sermon focus for the months of July and August will be on the book of Joshua with specific focus on how the Israelites transitioned from their wilderness experience to the crossing of the Jordan River and the preparation that this transformation involved.  Every change, however big or small, is a test. Every change is a trial that God allows to see how we’ll respond.

Today is no different. As I was thinking about this situation we’re all in, the one book in the Bible that kept tugging at me was the book of Joshua. Why? The book of Joshua is about change. It marks the end of one period of Israel’s history and the beginning of a new period.

The book begins with the death of Moses. Moses had led the people out of slavery in Egypt. He led them in the wilderness. But now Moses is gone. And so the question is, “Who will lead the people now, as they go forth to conquer the land?” The people have left Egypt, but the exodus is really only half complete. They still haven’t entered the new Eden of the promised land, the land flowing with milk and honey.  In the midst of transition, you may have many questions and moments of uncertainty. Please join us throughout the months of July and August where we will learn from the wisdom expressed in the book of Joshua about transitions.

With Hope,

Norman Bullock



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