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On Saturday, May 21, the SGM sponsored a Spiritual Gifts Symposium entitled, ‚ÄúDiscovering, Developing and Deploying Your Spiritual Gifts.‚Ä̬† During the symposium, passages like 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4 and I Peter 4 were shared that go into specific detail about what these gifts are and how they should be used. It’s clear every spiritual gift is a reflection of God’s nature that you carry within you. And because your spiritual gift reflects God’s design and direction for your life, you’ll find great passion, joy, and satisfaction in expressing it. Your spiritual gift also will be a place of deep spiritual formation in your life, as God uses it both to powerfully connect you to God. Every spiritual gift gives off clues. Your spiritual gift will cause you to react a certain way in a given situation. If there’s a problem, people with the spiritual gift of shepherding will be immediately concerned that people are cared for and growing in their discipleship as a result of the issue. Those with the gift of intercession (prayer) will immediately say, “We need to pray about this,” while those with a leadership gift will begin looking at solutions for the problem. The Apostle Paul provides the church with a blueprint in Ephesians 4 as it relates to the role of spiritual gifts in the church. Christ gives different gifts to different members of the Body. Our job is not to compare our gifts and abilities, nor to feel superior or inferior to other members of the Body, but to make use of our respective gifts to serve others. Our works of service are to be used for building up the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). As we work together, each of us serving according to the gifts and opportunities Christ gives us, we will grow into “unity in the faith” (verse 13). Although there is only one faith (verse 5), God’s people reach unity of the faith through works of service, ministering to one another’s needs in Christ.

Biblical Foundations on Spiritual Gifts from 

I Corinthians 12 1.

Paul wants the saints to be informed about spiritual gifts,

  1. so they will recognize their own gifts;
  2. they will know how to relate their gifts to the rest of the body;
  3. they will recognize that one Spirit controls all of the gifts;
  4. they will not misuse or abuse their gifts;
  5. they will not be fooled by the falsely gifted; and
  6. the church will experience no division or confusion because of gifts.
  1. Gifts must acknowledge and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is in the business of glorifying Christ and all gifts that the Spirit gives are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  1. The Holy Spirit is in complete control of all gifts, even though,
  2. there are diversities and varieties of gifts;
  3. there are difference organizations and arrangements of gifts;
  4. there are different operations of gifts; and
  5. there are different manifes-tations of gifts.
  1. All of the gifts are given for the benefit and profit of the church.

‚Äď Norman Bullock, Interim Pastor


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