How your donations help the community:

Donate Today: Thank you for being mindful in helping your community.

Our church and community outreach efforts are in great need of your support.  First Baptist Church of Los Angeles is very focused on helping our community inside and outside the church.   You’ll find a weekly food pantry available for those in need along with community affinity groups for the neighborhood to join, as well as, many community events through out the year geared to give the community a safe place for fun and togetherness.  And any tax deductable amount that you’re able to gift to the church is greatly appreciated.

How can I make a tax deductable church donation?

Help your local Church meet the needs of the community by using our online giving tool. The amount of your donation is completely up to you and will always be going towards a great cause.

Thank you for being mindful in helping your community:  DONATE TODAY!